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Bridges to Leadership

Dec 28, 2017

Here's the punchline...your staff won't work with you forever.  The days of 35 year careers are over, especially for small businesses like our coffee shop.  So how can you get the best out of your staff and team? 

Help them move on. 

That's right.  Invest in them to the point where the grow to the top of their position, and then move on.  If your company is large, they might be able to move up or over.   It hurts when good staff leaves, but the upside is too big not to.  

Make the best of the time you have with your team and invest in them.  Be the Super Manager!  Find out their goals, ideals, and needs and help your staff achieve them.

Find out how Kristen Hadeed invests in her staff to create a positive working environment.

This works the other way as well. You can also be the Super Employee.  Ask the owner or manager if they will invest in you.

Create a mutually beneficial environment where both parties, the business and the employee, can grow.


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