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Bridges to Leadership

Dec 19, 2017

New year's resolutions never really worked for me.  Over the past couple years I adapted the "resolution" idea to be more effective over the long haul.

Each year I come up with a theme to help me focus on something that I want to improve personally.  In this episode I share with you my themes for 2016, 2017, and how they helped me grow certain aspects of my life that needed some much needed help.  

Without direction of these "Year of..." themes there is no way I would have stood in front of 200 people, in my underwear, and rapped (poorly) R. Kelly's Ignition.  I even give you a taste of that dreadful but amazing day, careful it might make your ears bleed!

My hope is that this podcast will help you think about and define what you want 2018 to look like and help set goals to get you there.


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