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Bridges to Leadership

Nov 28, 2017

Initiating small talk isn't easy, but if you put focus on those around you and use your personality to your benefit it will improve!  

In this episode, I talk about strategies on how to start off with small talk using examples of how 2 different baristas at our coffee shop improved their interactions with customers.  Their personalities were different from one another so they chose different angles to better connect.  

The two keys to successfully initiate small talk...

1) Be specific

2) Focus on the other person

Focusing on small talk will help improve your self and social awareness, along with building better relationships.  Being interested in those around you is a good thing and key to effective leadership in any setting.

If you wonder if I really am recording a podcast from a coffee shop on Nantucket, or find an urge to work with me in any way, here's a couple ways of finding out more and contacting me.



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