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Bridges to Leadership

Jan 2, 2018

Let's talk about the excuse we all love to make.  You know the one, you probably said it recently, "I'm terrible at remembering names".  When we make names a priority, we are shifting our focus from ourselves to those around us.

In this podcast I talk about WHY its important to focus on names, TIPS and TRICKS on how to remember names, and WHAT to do when you are in a situation when you've forgotten someone's name you've known for a long time.

Stop giving yourself permission to NOT remember names.  Every time you say "I'm terrible at remembering names", you are allowing yourself to do just that.  Make it a priority and shift your focus on the other person(s). 

TIPS we review...
1) Say it out loud
2) Write it down
3) Assimilation

If you space on someone's name that you have known for years, or feel that you should 100% know the it what it is.  Tell them you've spaced the name.  Sounds awful, but its better in the long run because they know anyway.  This will build trust.

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