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Bridges to Leadership

Jul 22, 2018

Each summer season, 2 students from my alma mater ferry over to Nantucket Island for a 10 week internship with my company Nantucket Bike Tours.  We use this small business to teach them the people skills they will need to be successful in business and in life.  

We sat down at the end of their 5th week to discuss what they have learned and their general experience.  I wanted to know what had they learned in 5 week, could you learn much of anything in 5 weeks?  It seems at first glance that improving your EQ in such a short amount of time could be daunting.  Marcus and Waleed are knocking it out of the park!  Here are some of the things the talk about...

Self Awareness ^^ Giving and Receiving Feedback ^^ BINI - Be Interested Not Interesting ^^ Body Language ^^ Importance of a Smile

This podcast episode is for anyone who thinks they might be able to, or want to, improve their people skills in a short window of time.  It is also for someone who wants to apply these type of principals to their work or life.

Enjoy, and give us some feedback please!