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Bridges to Leadership

Nov 30, 2017

Now that you have mastered initiating small talk after listening to our last podcast  :-)  we can now concentrate how to respond when someone initiates conversation with us!

In this podcast, I discuss different ways that I respond to small talk inquiries using examples of questions about our recent trip to Charleston and my pregnant wife.  Sounds kinda funny I know, but if you want to better connect with those around you we have to do better than a "I'm good" or "Great" or "thanks" type of response.  Yes, there are times when you aren't in the mood for small talk, no doubt about it.  When you are though, we can better engage with the initial connection to improve the conversation and further build that relationship.

Test the waters with your first response to see if they want to go further in the conversation.  If you put a creative spin on your response, it could open up the conversation for a better connection.

If you wonder if I really am recording a podcast from a coffee shop on Nantucket, or find an urge to work with me in any way, here's a couple ways of finding out more and contacting me.



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