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Bridges to Leadership

Jan 19, 2018

Is fatherhood and leadership synonymous?  What's the best way a father can lead within a family?  How do you handle advice from other fathers?  

These are some of the questions my wife, Courtney, asks me in this first episode of Fatherhood Friday.  And let's be clear right off the bat, I am not technically a father yet!  Still have some time before we through the go-bags in the trunk and head off to the hospital (but not too much time).

I am no expert.  This interview takes place 4 weeks before my first child's arrival.  I figured what's the best way to get honest answers about my vision of fatherhood and how it connects with leadership - have your pregnant wife ask questions that you aren't prepared for.

Courtney did not share her questions with me ahead of time - so my reactions and answers are the real deal.  

This interview is for those that like to apply leadership in all areas of our life.  Even if you aren't a father (as I am not as this podcast is published), you have a father and you might be one day.  Parts of this discussion, whether you agree or disagree with my views, could help spur helpful conversation within your family.

I can't wait to come back and listen to this in a couple will it be interesting!