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Bridges to Leadership

Feb 9, 2018

Fatherhood Friday looks at parenthood through the lens of leadership.  Being a Dad has many challenges and many victories, which is parallel to all aspects of life.  The Dads that I interview haven't written a book on fatherhood and don't have a phD in child development.  They are every day Dads from all walks of life and many different family makeups.  

For this Fatherhood Friday Carl Lindvall joins us, father of 3 children with his wife Sarah.  Carl grew up on Nantucket and has raised his kids here for the past 12 years.  It was hard to edit this podcast down to 40 minutes because of many lessons and 

A couple of highlights of what Carl shared with us...

- spending time with your partner
- treating your children as peers
- setting standards
- ipad vs dishwasher
- asking your kids for forgiveness

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